Current status of laser back welding technology in automobile manufacturing industry

Release date:2020-08-21

In the current automobile manufacturing and production process, the general welding method is spot welding, while the relatively high-end one is "laser welding". Although the cost of laser welding is relatively high, it is generally considered as excellent quality and reasonable price.
Laser welding uses lasers to melt metal instead of the traditional welding process.Before the advent of laser welding technology, the overall quality of welds was not high.A car can only be made from a single sheet of steel stamping one part, so old cars are heavy and gas-guzzling.However, after the emergence of laser welding, not only the welding quality is high, but also can be different thickness, different materials and even different surface state of the steel plate after welding together.After welding and then stamping into the required parts, so that the design can be truly on demand selection.So modern cars are light and fuel efficient.
In traditional body-in-white manufacturing, several parts are punched first, then the component assembly is welded, and on many parts, the stiffeners are welded.Compared with this, welding plate stamping has a lot of significant advantages, especially to reduce the number of workpieces, so as to reduce processing links, reduce production costs.
Comparatively speaking, the advantages of laser welded plate are numerous: reducing the weight of workpiece, thus reducing the weight of the whole vehicle;By reducing the accumulative tolerance and using the welded plate stamping, the parts can be stamped and formed at one time, and there is no need to weld several parts into one part, which greatly improves the dimensional accuracy of the parts.Instead of traditional welding, laser welding can save a lot of time and improve the welding quality.Improve the body crash safety performance and so on.
In the 1990s, laser welding technology was in the rapid development stage. Thyssenkrupp and ArcelorMittal built new laser welding factories one after another. In 1995, BMW began to use laser welding plate on a large scale.In the 21st century, the steel enterprises that mainly produce cold rolled automobile plates have basically set foot in the field of laser welding.
From 2002 to 2009, 32 laser welding production lines have been built in China.With the continuous development of laser welding production line in China, it is gradually replacing the imported laser welding plate.Based on the experience of some world famous steel companies, laser welding technology used in automobile manufacturing industry is an effective technology to extend the industrial chain of steel industry.
Laser welding technology is the key technology in automobile manufacturing and processing.The high welding speed and loading and unloading efficiency of laser-welded steel strip technology reduces the manufacturing cost and also brings the possibility of reducing the weight of parts, which also reduces the production cost.Foreign steel companies, especially some European steel companies, have rich experience in deep processing and production of steel, and can produce products that meet the requirements of automobile design and manufacturing according to the needs of users in downstream automobile factories.With the upsurge of "new infrastructure", laser welding technology will play a vital role in all fields and accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading.

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